Home is Truly Where The Heart Is



Nestled in the Heart of the Highlands

Glenmary Home is nestled in the heart of the Highlands in an area called  The Cherokee Triangle of Louisville, KY. It is a lovely neighborhood  near beautiful city parks and multiple opportunities for fun and social  interaction.

Baxter Ave. Theater is  within walking distance as are the Comedy Club and the Highlands branch  of the Public Library.  The Bardstown Road corridor offers many fine  restaurants, fast food places, coffee shops, galleries, boutiques and  grocery stores.  

Residents at Glenmary never lack for something to do with so many amenities within walking distance.  


It All Started With a Dream!

Glenmary Home was owned by Mary C. Bell for thirty-five  years.  Established as a skilled nursing home in the mid fifties, so  began a tradition of caring at 2215 Glenmary Ave. 

Mary   and her daughter, Lana, bought Glenmary Home in 1977 when it was still  a skilled nursing home, but Mary  eventually turned it into a boarding  home to serve those who no longer wanted the burden of living on their  own.

At an age when many women might have been thinking of retirement, Mary, launched into a new business and 
presided  over it until she was 87 years old.  Through the years she had much  help from her family and from wonderful employees, but Mary was the  guiding light of Glenmary Home. 


 Mary had raised six children and thought of the residents at Glenmary as  just an extension of her family.  She had also served as a division  manager at Sears and had been involved in real estate and sales.  Her  mothering, management and public relations skills were put to good use  at Glenmary Home. 

Glenmary Home has a license to  have as many as 20 residents, but In later years, Mary reduced the  number of residents she sheltered to better serve them and to enhance  the family-like atmosphere at Glenmary. Many of the residents have lived  at Glenmary Home for years and years.  They really consider it their  home. 

 Because of frail health, Mary moved to Michigan in May of 2012 to be  near her daughter.  She passed away on November 27, 2012.  Her plaque in  the Scattering Garden of Cave Hill Cemetery says "Her radiant spirit  blessed our world."  All those who benefited from living at Glenmary  Home through the years know that statement is so true.

Glenmary  Home will continue in the Highlands under new management.  The family  has decided to continue the legacy of Mary C. Bell by keeping Glenmary  open for those who call it home and for any new residents who no longer  want the burden of living on their own.